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Subject: RE: Draft Environmental Scoping Report - Proposed construction of Red House Chelsea Arterial and the Extension of Walker Drive to Cape Road



Please see below my reply to your queries and would also like to thank you for your involvement




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Cc: Gustav Rautenbach; Heinrich Muller; Shirley Sauls; Stanford Slabbert; Zelma P/A Joubert
Subject: Draft Environmental Scoping Report - Proposed construction of Red House Chelsea Arterial and the Extension of Walker Drive to Cape Road


Hi there Dumisani


I need clarity on the following:


1.    How many comments to date was received and will I be notified of the total received and the extend of the comments? No comments have been received thus far which merely shows that all there are no issues regarding the proposed development.


2.    Are you going to have a public participation meeting after the cut-off date? We usually have a meeting when there is overwhelming response/comments. But having said that, we will definitely have a public meeting during the EIR reporting phase of the project (which will come after we have submitted our Scoping Report to the Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs (DEDEA)).


3.    Was the following Councillors informed? (Cllrs Standford Slabbert, Shirley Sauls, Heinrich Muller and Gustav Rautenbach) we have managed to consult with Cllrs Sauls and Muller at this stage, I will therefore extend the invitation to participate to Cllrs Slabbert and Rautenbach (can you kindly forward me their contact details?)


4.   Apart from the ad in the burger and the Herald Weekend post on "appendix E" in the scoping report which other methods of advertising was used? There are site notice boards that are placed, one at the point where the extension of Walker Drive is proposed and the other on Cape Road where the Redhouse Chelsea Arterial will connect. Letter drops to adjacent households was done during the initial public notification phase.


5.    Timeframe of another advertisement that will be placed in the local newspapers and which newspaper will that be? This will placed when the Scoping Report is accepted by DEDEA and we allowed to proceed with the EIA phase. Will place the adverts in the local papers (Herald and Die Burger) and this is will also call for a public meeting.


6.    What community newsletters will be used and who will distribute them? Letter drops to adjacent landowners and municipal newsletters (also media such as the Algoa Sun)


7.    Where will the notice boards be placed to inform the public. The notice boards are placed for duration of the project.


8.    What steps were taken to notify potentially interested and affected parties of the application? Letter drops, newspaper adverts and site notice boards.

9.    When last was the list of affected parties updated from previous public participation meetings?
The list of I&APs is being updated during this Scoping Phase as it was done when the project was initiated in 2008 (but then stalled due to NMBM instructions)


10    Why is the names of the cllrs not included in the list? Councillor Annette Lovemore is no longer the councillor for ward 9, She is a MP in Cape Town and the councillor for ward 9 is Cllr Heinrich Muller. This has been rectified as it was a result of the point made above.


11.    The existing Walker Drive is very narrow and currently congested with traffic (not to even mention the buses and taxis) in the morning and evenings and to an extend during the days. Is there any agreement between yourselves and the Metro in widening Walker Drive? Unfortunately the scope of works is only for the extension of Walker Drive to the N2 but not the widening of the existing Walker Drive (I will find out from the Engineers if there any future plans to widen Walker Drive)  


12.    Did you and the Metro at any time discussed any calming measures for the Existing Walker Drive? Same as above…..


13.    When was the traffic impact assessment done and what was the outcome of this assessment? A Traffic Impact Assessment was done in October 2009 which incorporated an interchange between Redhouse Chelsea Arterial and the N2. This interchange configuration can be expected to alleviate present congestion at the Linton interchange.


14.    When will there be a site visit? An initial site visit was done at the start of the project and the proposed route has bee pegged by the engineers (but an arrangement can be made if you request such a visit)  


I would appreciate feedback on the above soonest. Thank you once again for your cooperation and hope that this response is to you satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact me if there are any issues you need to discuss.





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